What Does It Take To Become A Good Pencil Sketch Artist?

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Sketching is the art of freehand drawing. Sometimes this technique is used to create a design or just an outline of the final drawing. But in reality, it’s a style of drawing and can result in a final draw completely done by sketching.

Sometimes people struggle so hard in this fundamental art of drawing because they think that the only person who can do this is the talented one. Luckily, hard work beats talent, and that’s the secret of sketching…….hard-work by dominating the steps and techniques that we are going to discuss in this article.

Learning to draw, can be overwhelming, even more if you don’t start off on the right foot and with suitable lessons according to your level and your capabilities as an artist. You can make beautiful sketches simply with a pencil, but it takes practice and an understanding of the basics due to a common mistake that people make, which is starting with advanced techniques rather than starting from the bottom.

In order to make your life easier and master the pencil art definitely, I will give you valuable tips and practices you must do to become a better artist.


You Must Master the Most Basic Techniques.

Some techniques may look so basic or stupid to practice them, but details make the different, and if you master these techniques for novices, you will see the difference instantly.

The Outline. There are two types, the light outline, and the heavy outline.

The Light Outline. It is usually used to create your base, guidelines, and subject guide outlines. You can use both, a ruler or freehand, but I recommend you to use free-hand to master it flawlessly.

Heavy outline. This is used in the final steps of each element already drawn. When you are satisfied with your light outline you can enhance it by adding some heavy outlines, lead or graphite.

Hatching. This technique is pretty easy to practice and grasp. It’s basically marking out small lines altogether to create some kind of pattern.

Cross-hatching. This technique is similar to the pointed above, you need to repeat the entire process, but in the opposite direction in a second layer just on top of the first layer. It’s used to shading and really useful for adding darker shades.

Stipping. Similar as hatching and cross hatching, but the lines are smaller, like tiny dashes. Its function is the same, but for smaller areas.

Back and Forth Stroke. Really easy to understand and it’s used to ensure the fill shades stay in the correct area. Basically, it consists of moving the pencil in a back and forth motion real quick in the same direction.

Scumbling. As you can tell, all the techniques are easy, and this is basically moving the pencil in small, circular motions all of them near to each other. It’s used to shading tight and blends exceptionally well.


Using Them Altogether

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Those were some basic techniques, but just by practicing them individually you won’t be able to draw a good sketch. It’s necessary to practice, master them and learn how to use them altogether because the secret is how to blend all the techniques…..something you will learn with practice and hard work.

Your next bet is to practice things that seem even more ridiculous. It’s mastering the art of drawing straight lines, making circles and geometrical forms,  because this will spell the difference between a good sketch and a bad sketch.

A good tip and probably the secret to drawing straight lines is doing them initially, with tiny dashes one beside the other, in order to create a straight line, compounded with hundreds of tiny dashes. By practicing this art, you will be drawing straight lines, form and shapes in no time.

Pencil Sketching Consists of Processes.

Other tips that experts give to those who are entering into the pencil drawing world, is that they must master individual forms rather than the object itself. For example, if you want to draw a dog, you must start pencil drawing its head, body and finally the remaining parts. This is a well-known technique that both, experts and novices do because it allows them to sketch everything in parts.

A complex sketch is achievable easily and with possibilities of modifying it in the process. Learning to draw involves staying to the process, so you must master how to draw effectively, shapes, form, and straight lines in order to master the pencil art.

The rest is passion, practice, and a desire to improve day by day.

I have mentioned possibly, the best and most useful tips and practices you must take in order to make a real nice sketch. Of course, everything is a matter of practice and passion, with practice you are going to be drawing things you thought you could not.

Pencil Sketching is a Fantastic Way to Express Yourself.

Sketching is not only a hobby or a technique to draw things, rather it is an excellent way to express yourself, your feelings, and your emotions. It is like any other art such as music or acting, they work to express how you are feeling and it is a way to be happier with yourself.

It’s said that art is the way to express what soul cannot express. Sketching can fill your soul and help you to communicate with others and with yourself, you will be proud of the things you may produce with only a pencil and a paper sheet.

Art is something essential for any person, it is a key to being happy by doing what you love!

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